Sunday, 9 June 2013

Factors to Consider While Building Your Dream House

A dream house becomes a reality for very few. This is partly because most people hardly ever build a robust image of their dream house. Naturally, they admire every great house they see or enter. This problem stems from character and personal principles.

The other thing that prevents most people from building their dream house is resources. The realities for many people are financial constraints, making it very difficult to gather all the requirements then build the house. Fortunately, there is a way you can conceptualize your dream house and make it a reality, and not declare bankruptcy.

• Conceive the dream house in the mind first, then believe in it and make it one of your cardinal objectives. Without this, one is bound to keep shifting mind on what they think to be the house they desire.

• Sketch the house on a paper and if it is a borrowed concept, get the pictures of the house and work at perfecting it. You can build a model to help capture the 2D paper drawing. Modelled house pins give the most vivid house design.

• You may contract professional architects to help you capture the mental image of the house. Otherwise, you can learn to do this by use of popular software such as architectural AutoCAD, Google Sketch Up and premium Adobe suite.

• Get professional guidance on costs by consulting established firms and individual experts in real estate and property industry. Consult as wide as possible, noting down the details of the costs and requirements.

• Collect resources through practical and reasonable means. You can take a mortgage, save money or buy the requirements bit by bit. Ideally, consult a property financing firm on finances and payment logistics.

• Once all the resources are available, engage builders and contractors. Consider their repute, assess their past projects and check their cost estimates. Location, access, possible future expansion of the compound or need for modification must be put into perspective. There are various styles of dream houses: contemporary house plans, Victorian house plans, Mediterranean House plans, Neoclassical House plans, and the new American House plan. Some houses are built for special personal assignments that you may want to carry out in future. You may want to include a garden, paved drive-way, manicured lawn and many other fancy features. Therefore, you must include everything in the house plan right from the start.

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