Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Black mould removal

"Black Mould" is a slimy, greenish-black substance which can result in serious health issues. It is a contributing factor to illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis.

Most people have one type or another of mould somewhere in their home. Luckily not all types are toxic, but it can be difficult to differentiate which ones are. It is very important to remove mould from homes regardless of its type. Mould spores are very easily transported to different areas by attaching themselves things and even people. They can also get in via open windows and doors. The spores can then thrive and grow in damp and moist areas.

Black mould can be found in wood, ceilings, cardboard, wall paneling and even dry-walls. Moisture is essential for black mould to grow. When it comes to removing black mould it’s important to establish the root of the problem.

You can do some preventative measures stop the spread of black mould. Keep the humidity of the house and ensure there is adequate ventilation especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you need help to get rid of your mould problem, you should really get in touch with mould removal specialists. Here at Building Solutions (Midlands) we have a quick and economical solution that will solve your problems by removing damp, condensation and black mould growth from your home. Contact us today.