Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Restoring and renovating Georgian period properties

First things first is it Georgian? The Georgian period was a long running period of architectural design starting in 1714 and running right through to around 1820. The latter part of the Georgian period partially overlapped the Regency period. The Regency period ran for a fraction of the time of the Georgian period running from 1800 through to 1830.

Georgian is a well known and respected phrase, and conjures up beautiful properties and a very positive image. For this very reason many manufactures and building product suppliers will often sell items as Georgian or Georgian style. Please be careful when choosing items because they are very often not in keeping with the Georgian period. Georgian finishing?s like door handles etc were usually cast iron, but most Georgian style items on the market are brass, so check before you buy.

The details will set your home apart from a less well planned Georgian restoration so make sure all the timber details are perfect this is very important. Do not be tempted into unfinished timber just go for a quality period paint and make sure you have the correct sheen. The Sheen is basically how shinny the finish is, getting details like this correct will really set your project apart from other projects.

Time is building for the time to build out of recession?

Unemployment running high, lack of economic stimulus, shortage of new homes, a challenging combination or the perfect conditions for a construction boom? Well that’s what faced the UK government in the 1930’s and many of you reading this will be reclining a pleasant 1930’s 3 bed semi. Thanking your lucky stars that you could afford to live in this comfort. So is now the time for the government to encourage house building and large infrastructure projects to get Britain building? With rents, squatting and homelessness climbing, civil unrest in recent week is house building the answer to get the young workers of today busy building and stimulate economic growth?

CSCS cards

CSCS stands for construction skills certificate scheme.  It was introduced in the construction industry in 2010 to improve quality and reduce accidents.  They cover hundreds of occupations within the construction industry and are now becoming very much in demand by contractors and building companies.

Benefits include:
  • With CSCS card your skills, competence and qualifications will be recognized by all UK based employers
  • You health and safety awareness will be improved
  • Better chance at finding employment in the construction industry

How to get a CSCS Card:

First of all you will need to pass the Health and Safety Test in a Test Center accredited by Construction Skills. Once passed the test, you will then need to apply for the card. For the different cards you will need proof of practical competence, usually this means having an SVQ and/or NVQ. To find more information on CSCS cards visit http://www.cscs.uk.com

Most construction recruitment agencies will expect applicants to have the relevant CSCS cards.