Monday, 7 February 2011

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Three large RSJ structural steel beams in position giving this project a huge open plan feel.

Roof windows really let the light flood into this rear extension.

Sliding or tri-fold doors give that outdoor garden living feel to this amazing contemporary project.

The differences between a Combi boiler and a conventional one

A Combi boiler is a specific type of hot water boiler that is extremely popular within the United Kingdom since it accounts for over fifty percent of new condensing boiler sales. It is, in fact a super efficient water heater as well as a central heating boiled that is conveniently combined into a single unit for the purposes of practicality.

There are several key differences between a Combi boiler and a conventional one. The biggest difference is that it does not require a copper cylinder within an airing cupboard (on anywhere else) for it to be able to store volumes of hot water. Instead water is heated upon demand within the unit itself.

Because, of the above characteristic, these unique boiled are often utilized as a more space-saving alternative to a normal boiler. Another reason for this is because these products are typically very compact and as such many be placed on or hung in convenient locations such as on a kitchen wall or placed on metal shelving.

Furthermore, these boilers are very easy to install compared to their conventional counterparts since they are much cheaper and less disruptive. All one needs to do is to firstly select the location where the object is to be placed and simply plug it into the electrical mains upon locating it.

Finally, these Combi boilers are able to help one accumulate a significant amount of savings with regards to his or her water bill. This is because although hot water is typically produced at a much slower rate, it is still delivered through one's taps or shower heads at the same pressure as the mains.

This would also imply that one would be able to experience a power shower at a much higher pressure without the additional requirement of having to install an additional pump. This would not only save up on one's electricity bill in the long run (since there is one less piece of equipment to power) but also saves one the costs and trouble of having to purchase the pump in the first place.

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