Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Construction jobs

Farsight Recruitment are a are a construction recruitment agency based in Derby, Midlands offering bricklaying jobs, engineering jobs, electrical jobs and much more.  Currently they have a couple of Bricklaying Jobs, one in the Nottingham area which is a temporary contract where the salary is dependent on experience.  The other on is in Peterborough and again is a temporary contract postion.

Also on their books are some ground works jobs.  One based in Huddersfield which is a ground worker postion at a refurb site.  Also they are looking for Excavator / Roller / Dumper operators who are also able to work as groundworkers in Derbyshire.  Blackpool is another location where they are looking for plant oporators and ground workers.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Restoring and renovating Georgian period properties

First things first is it Georgian? The Georgian period was a long running period of architectural design starting in 1714 and running right through to around 1820. The latter part of the Georgian period partially overlapped the Regency period. The Regency period ran for a fraction of the time of the Georgian period running from 1800 through to 1830.

Georgian is a well known and respected phrase, and conjures up beautiful properties and a very positive image. For this very reason many manufactures and building product suppliers will often sell items as Georgian or Georgian style. Please be careful when choosing items because they are very often not in keeping with the Georgian period. Georgian finishing?s like door handles etc were usually cast iron, but most Georgian style items on the market are brass, so check before you buy.

The details will set your home apart from a less well planned Georgian restoration so make sure all the timber details are perfect this is very important. Do not be tempted into unfinished timber just go for a quality period paint and make sure you have the correct sheen. The Sheen is basically how shinny the finish is, getting details like this correct will really set your project apart from other projects.

Time is building for the time to build out of recession?

Unemployment running high, lack of economic stimulus, shortage of new homes, a challenging combination or the perfect conditions for a construction boom? Well that’s what faced the UK government in the 1930’s and many of you reading this will be reclining a pleasant 1930’s 3 bed semi. Thanking your lucky stars that you could afford to live in this comfort. So is now the time for the government to encourage house building and large infrastructure projects to get Britain building? With rents, squatting and homelessness climbing, civil unrest in recent week is house building the answer to get the young workers of today busy building and stimulate economic growth?

CSCS cards

CSCS stands for construction skills certificate scheme.  It was introduced in the construction industry in 2010 to improve quality and reduce accidents.  They cover hundreds of occupations within the construction industry and are now becoming very much in demand by contractors and building companies.

Benefits include:
  • With CSCS card your skills, competence and qualifications will be recognized by all UK based employers
  • You health and safety awareness will be improved
  • Better chance at finding employment in the construction industry

How to get a CSCS Card:

First of all you will need to pass the Health and Safety Test in a Test Center accredited by Construction Skills. Once passed the test, you will then need to apply for the card. For the different cards you will need proof of practical competence, usually this means having an SVQ and/or NVQ. To find more information on CSCS cards visit http://www.cscs.uk.com

Most construction recruitment agencies will expect applicants to have the relevant CSCS cards.  

Friday, 29 July 2011

Good Things About Home Extensions

Perhaps you are expecting an addition to your family. However, you may have many reasons to require more living area. Home extensions can provide a viable option to moving to a larger house. Here are some important benefits to consider for adding on.

To Move or Not to Move

It can be a difficult decision to move. First, you will need to list your current house for sale, and you have to wait until it sells. Next, you need to spend a lot of time looking at new properties. Once your current house sells, you then need to get ready for the move. Moving includes packing and getting everything together.

Adding on to the house is much easier than moving. All of the problems associated with moving will not be a concern. You also will not incur all of the expenses of moving and buying property, either. Also, you might like the area that you live in, and may not want to leave. Creating more living space can be a very good alternative to moving elsewhere.

More Value

When you increase your living space, you add value to your property. If you wish to sell in the future, you will get a higher selling price. Many home extensions can make your property more attractive to potential buyers. This is especially true with improvements like loft conversions.

Less Crowded

When you add more space to your house, you can have a less crowded living area. This will depend on the improvement, but the smallest of improvements can help a lot with things like storage. The addition of a bathroom can make a big difference, too.

Making Dreams Come True

Perhaps you have dreams of your own office in the house. This may be a very good way for some people to work from home. You may wish to have an exercise room. This can be more convenient than traveling to the gym on a regular basis. Maybe you want a study to watch television or write. Many dreams can come true when you create more living space.

A Word of Caution

There are many important considerations, when it comes to adding on to your house. Make sure that you have professional advice and assistance for your plans. Professionals can help you with important matters like design and building regulations.


If you have the need for more room in your house, you might wish to consider home extensions. They can be less expensive and less trouble than buying a new property. It is a good way to increase the value of your property, and to make things less crowded. You may wish to have your own study or exercise room, and adding on can make these dreams come true.

Looking for company that can offer quality building extensions? Building Solutions (Midlands) Ltd specialise in Home Extensions including Period Property Extensions. See our testimonials for many successful building projects.

Monday, 21 March 2011

What You Need To Know About Condensing Boilers

It is becoming the rule rather than the exception that domestic premises provide a constant source of hot water and some form of central heating. The introduction of condensing boilers from around 1991 into housing stock in the UK has seen a steady increase in the expectations of prospective buyers and tenants. This particular type is seen as the mother of all boilers.

Governments in the UK, USA, Canada and several European countries offer incentives for the installation of condensing products in new builds, in an effort to be considered Green. Property developers and individuals alike are keen to take advantage of any incentives and at the same time promote their companys image.

The materials used in the manufacture of this type of boiler are unique to this particular system. The process requires larger heat exchangers and a fan that is not standard in other types of boiler systems. The cost of producing this product, which is more energy efficient and is used to produce the hot water for the central heating system, is much higher when compared to other combi boiler systems on the market.

However, the additional cost of buying and installing this particular product can be offset by any expected reduction in fuel bills in coming years. So despite the initial outlay that may seem expensive, taking a longer term view is required and it is estimated that the equipment will pay for itself within two to five years.

Installation of this type of boiler requires an additional pipe to be joined up to one of the existing waste pipes. This is the only difference between the installation requirements for this and other types of boilers. Installing condensing equipment is just the same and they do not take up any more space than other types of combi boilers.

Emphasis is being placed on finding alternatives to replace the rapidly dwindling energy sources and to cut down on fuel consumption. Individuals are being actively encouraged to develop a social and moral conscience and consider how their actions today will impact on life in the future.

There is a definite move from the UK government towards introducing legislation that ensures that this type of boiler is not only installed into new build properties, but it is used whenever a boiler needs to be replaced in domestic premises. This move is being replicated in other countries throughout Europe, the USA and Canada too.

Northern Gas Heating - the UK's local supplier of new New Boilers. Contact us today if you are looking at having your boiler serviced, or replaced with one of our high efficient energy efficient Condensing boilers.
New boilers, condensing boilers

Monday, 7 February 2011

Home Extensions......

Building Solutions Midlands Ltd, experts at Home Extensions.

“Absolute confidence through reputation”.

Three large RSJ structural steel beams in position giving this project a huge open plan feel.

Roof windows really let the light flood into this rear extension.

Sliding or tri-fold doors give that outdoor garden living feel to this amazing contemporary project.

The differences between a Combi boiler and a conventional one

A Combi boiler is a specific type of hot water boiler that is extremely popular within the United Kingdom since it accounts for over fifty percent of new condensing boiler sales. It is, in fact a super efficient water heater as well as a central heating boiled that is conveniently combined into a single unit for the purposes of practicality.

There are several key differences between a Combi boiler and a conventional one. The biggest difference is that it does not require a copper cylinder within an airing cupboard (on anywhere else) for it to be able to store volumes of hot water. Instead water is heated upon demand within the unit itself.

Because, of the above characteristic, these unique boiled are often utilized as a more space-saving alternative to a normal boiler. Another reason for this is because these products are typically very compact and as such many be placed on or hung in convenient locations such as on a kitchen wall or placed on metal shelving.

Furthermore, these boilers are very easy to install compared to their conventional counterparts since they are much cheaper and less disruptive. All one needs to do is to firstly select the location where the object is to be placed and simply plug it into the electrical mains upon locating it.

Finally, these Combi boilers are able to help one accumulate a significant amount of savings with regards to his or her water bill. This is because although hot water is typically produced at a much slower rate, it is still delivered through one's taps or shower heads at the same pressure as the mains.

This would also imply that one would be able to experience a power shower at a much higher pressure without the additional requirement of having to install an additional pump. This would not only save up on one's electricity bill in the long run (since there is one less piece of equipment to power) but also saves one the costs and trouble of having to purchase the pump in the first place.

Northern Gas Heating - the UK's local supplier of new Central Heating Systems. Looking for a high efficient Combi Boiler? Call Northern Gas today if you need a new boiler.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Northern Gas Heating offer Solar Heating & Hot Water System Installations

Did you know that 31% of all energy used in the UK is from our homes? Splitting it down there is 60% used for heating, 25% used for hot water and 13% for lighting and electrical appliances. We are all aware that energy is costing more and more and the trend seems set to stay. We can sit back and pay the gas and electric companies a small fortune, making those fat bosses even fatter or we can find ways of reducing our bills or switching fuel. Quite often finding a greener energy will save you money in the long run as well as save the environment as your CO2 emissions will be reduced.

There are plenty of green energy options which builders of new homes should be installing. There are building materials that store heat which should be being used widespread. Every builder should be aware of passive solar renewable energy. This is where a home is designed in such a way that it collects the suns warmth. This is far from a modern idea as it has been used by the early Greeks and Romans years ago. Large glass windows or south facing conservatories can exploit large amounts of free energy which without being harnessed is a serious waste. If you create more energy than you need it can be sold to the National Grid.

The most widely known and fastest growing is solar energy where homes use solar panels to channel the suns energy to create electricity and heat for our homes. The panels these days are far more advanced than previous solar panels. Obviously it your home needs to be south facing to be the most benefit from solar energy. You might think that you need to be in a hot country to really benefit but that isn’t the case. Sun still comes through on a cloudy day even though we can’t see it. SO just because its cloudy for days doesn’t mean it won’t work.

Getting an energy efficient boiler in your home will see your fuel bills dramatically reduced. With conventional boilers the flue gases are waste and exit at 250-300ºC. With a Condensing boiler it uses its extra heat exchanger to reduce the temperature of flue gasses down to 50-60ºC which is the correct temperature to create steam which then condenses to water giving up large amounts of latent heat. You will find condensing boilers are £300 - 400 more expensive than conventional designs but they are far more efficient. Compared to conventional boilers which have a maximum efficiency of about 80%, condensing boilers efficiency can be as high as 95%. You will find the saving on fuel will pay back the additional boiler cost in less than 4 years.

Heat pump technology is the same used to keep a refrigerator cool. The same type of system but in reverse can be used to create heat for our homes. An air source heat pump works by taking air from outside and with a heat pump heats the water to provide hot water. Some systems use large fans to exchange heat with the air.