Monday, 27 September 2010

Helities cross stitching bars

Heli tie cross stitching bars are a great way to repair cracks to brickwork and other masonry, you will benefit from our experience in using this fabulous process. In essence the mortar joints between the bricks are ground out and the Heli tie cross stitching bars are inserted and set in position with a specialist resin. Once this resin has been applied the joints are repointed and the masonry is now solid providing that the settlement, heave, or other structural issues have been resolved prior to the Heli tie cross stitching bars being inserted.
We can also assist in the assessment of the original structural issue we have access to some of the region’s best structural engineers. Remember using a good structural engineer could potentially save you the costs of carrying out non essential structural repairs.
We often carry out two or three of these repairs per week and are the preferred contractor of many of the region’s most successful property experts.
So call now for total peace of mind

Friday, 17 September 2010

Banks accused by some of discrimination against mortgage lending on new build developments

The poor battered house builders are finding a fresh cause for concern as some property professionals are accusing the banks of discriminating against lending on new build developments. With surveyors being advised to value with caution and comparables not always perfectly comparable some new build property developers are suggesting a less than level playing field with second hand homes.