Monday, 28 December 2009

Home Improvment 2010

The new year is rolling in and most home owners are thinking about resolutions. Some peoples resolutions revolve around themselves whether it’s personal like giving up smoking or going on a diet, some people will be thinking about their working environment and what changes they want to see in the year. Many other people look to their homes and start planning to improve the appearance by decorating certain rooms or even extend and renovate for more living space. More and more people are working from home so are now looking at turning their garage into an office with a Garage Conversion. Maybe you want to so a full property refurbishment or a Loft Conversion.

Whatever your refurbishment needs are, we will be very happy to speak to you and give you a very reasonable price. So contact us today. Here at Building Solutions (Midlands) Ltd.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Building Regulations Part E - 10 Things You Need to Know

If you're involved in building, or refurbishing a property, then you will need to be aware of Part E of the Building Regulations, which were introduced in July 2003. This section covers sound insulation, and sets out to raise the standard of sound insulation, and so reduce the amount of complaints about noise transmission. Noise pollution is covered by Health and Safety, and so is taken very seriously.

Here are 10 things you need to know:

1. Part e of the UK Building Regulations covers new buildings, refurbishments and extensions.

2. Part E contains section E1-4 which cover different issues.

E1 is protection against sound from sound from other parts of the building, and adjoining buildings.

E2 is protection against sound within a dwelling

E3 is reverberation in common internal parts of the building, such as flats or rooms for residential purposes.

E4 is the acoustic conditions in schools.

3. Pre Completion Testing is carried out before the build is complete to ensure that the building project meets or exceeds the UK Building Regulations Part E. One out of every 10 construction types is tested, and all tests are at the discretion of the Building Inspector. If the building fails the test, then the sound insulation will need to be improved, and then tested again.

4. Robust Detail is an alternative to Pre Completion Testing. If the acoustic flooring, and other sound reduction products used meet the Robust Detail standard, they have already exceeded the standards set by Pre Completion Testing, and so the building does not have to be tested. Robust Detail only applies to new builds.

5. New schools are also subjected to the UK Building Regulations Part E, to ensure that the amount of noise that transfers between classrooms is minimised.

6. Acoustic insulation, and noise reduction needs to be considered at the design stage, and not as an afterthought once the building project has started. Failure to implement proper sound insulation is likely to mean that the building will fail the Pre Completion Test.

7. Flanking noise is where the sound takes the easiest route. If there is sufficient acoustic insulation and the sound can't go through the wall, then it will go up and over, or around the side. There are various ways to reduce flanking transmission.

8. Airborne sound is the sound created by voices, or music, or traffic.

9. Impact sound is sound created by something touching something else. Footsteps, a door banging, a vibrating washing machine, somebody playing a drum kit, are all examples of impact sound.

10. If you're not sure how these Building Regulations will affect you, then why not seek professional help?

Now you know more about the Building Regulations, if you're involved in building or refurbishing property, you've got no excuse for poor sound insulation

Find out more about the UK Building Regulation, and Acoustic Flooring and Sound Reduction at, and find out exactly which products you need to soundproof your building project, to make sure you meet or exceed the Building Regulations.

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Monday, 7 December 2009

Conversions to create that extra living space

There are many different types of conversions that can be carried at your home. You might have a garage which is currently just a dumping ground, or you might have a loft which is a waste of unused space except for storing the Christmas tree and decorations. Well why not consider a garage conversion or a loft conversion by getting the right help and advice.

If you want to convert your loft into extra living room like a shower room, a bedroom, a play area or an office why not contact us today. We can take the whole project of your hands or work closely with you, your choice. With most extensions, renovations and conversions there are some building regulations and permissions which need to be met so getting a company on board with experience is the only way to go. We shall contact your local councils regarding permissions and keep you informed at all times. We offer a full turnkey service from conception to completion.

Why not make 2010 the year to make that perfect extra living space with the help of a professional building company such as us Building Solutions (Midlands) Ltd.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Property Development & and land acquisition in the midlands, could it be time to mature.

How do you find the perfect development opportunity in the midlands or any area? There are of course several ways to find a suitable property development site, just have a look in the property auctions or contact your local land agent. The question you have to ask yourself when looking to source building plots and residential or commercial property developments sites is why is this site on the open market.
If a building plot or potential development site has been on the open market for some time the likely hood is that every developer, builder, architect, quantity surveyor or planning consultant in the area probably knows about it. So you find a site get your property development finance in place and you are ready to build your site. Well you are if your site has either outline or full plans submission but, and this is a big but, is then perhaps the time to consider that what your site has planning for, might not be a property product that the local purchasers are wanting to buy?
Perhaps the area is already saturated with new build apartments or three story town houses, so what would the “clever money” do? Well many developers are looking at an ageing population and looking at either some type of residential home for the elderly or a 50plus gated development. The reason for this, well simply there is a growing number of older people within the population and they have both the funds and the desire for a low maintenance property that is tailored to their lifestyle.