Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Beat the Housing Market with an Orangery or Conservatory

If you have outgrown your home the first thing you would do it put your house on the market and start looking for a more suitable home. A couple of years ago that wouldn’t have been a problem and it would have been the most obvious thing to do. However since the current state of the housing market is still not looking good you might have to think of other ways of created the much needed space that your family needs.

You could look at having a loft converted but this is still quite costly possibly up to £30,000. But there are other options which you might not had thought about. What about a conservatory? Conservatories come in many different shapes and designs or you could go for a full bespoke model.

You can get a traditional Victorian or Edwardian style conservatory or you could go for more less conventional shapes such as a P or T shaped conservatory.
The P shape conservatory is great for creating two living areas such as a dining room as well as a living room . This shape conservatory is possible by blending two styles into one, the Victorian and the Tradional conservatory. It is an ideal for creating maxium living space while maintaining a sense of proportion with your house.
The T shape conservatory is great if you like things looking symmetrical. The T shaped conservatory is a relatively large design so it is best suited on larger properties. Properties with large gardens can benefit from having a T shaped conservatory because the bottom section of the T which extends away from the house will take up a quite a lot of the existing garden area.

With all these types of conservatories you can always choose to have a dwarf wall at the base or a complete full height glass model. The choice is yours. Like all other types of conservatory you can choose between UPVC or Timber and you can have either Glass or polycarbonate. Fans, heating and ventilation are all optional extras available. But wait there is more. Have you thought about an Orangery?

Many people think conservatories are a thing of the past. Because even if you spend top money on a top of the range conservatory you will still be getting a non-integral part to your property which is why many people are opting for an Orangery.

So what’s the difference between an Orangery and a conventional conservatory? Well an Orangery is a more formal type of conservatory. The main difference between an Orangery and a conservatory is its structure. Generally a conservatory is regarded as a temporary non-integral part of the building whereas an Orangery is a strong structure built with columns and pilasters which has a permanent presence. There is also much less glass used in an Orangery making it more in keeping with your home. Orangeries have classical details and create a striking visual impact which is much more architecturally pleasing than a conservatory. Obviously they are a little bit more expensive than conservatories but the money is well worth it and you will also add a lot more value to your home than you would with having a conservatory. An Orangery allows you to expand the useable living space available in your home whilst giving it a contemporary and luxurious feel.

Orangeries create wonderful family rooms, kitchen or dining rooms. Infact an Orangery can be turned into any room creating a really plush extension which will add much needed space and improve the overall appeal of your home as well as significantly adding value.

So if you have outgrown your home but can’t afford to move. Why not consider a conservatory or orangiey and add value to your home as well as much need space.

For all Conservatories Styles and Orangeries contact Cristal Clear Ltd

Monday, 7 September 2009

Property Refurbishment

Could a building refurbishment be the answer to negative equity?Negative equity is a phrase that until recent times most of us have been pleased to forget. If you are unfortunate and you have suffered negative equity to your property, a refurbishment could help lift the value of your property. Even with a modest budget we could help you alter some of the areas of your home or business premises that could be affecting the buildings value.

Could a good quality building refurbishment add value to your business?
How many times when out shopping or when looking to give a business your valuable custom have you said “I am not going in there it looks pretty tatty”, or “If that is what their business premises looks like, I bet the service is terrible”. If you are busy running a business have you taken the time to stand back and look objectively at the exterior and interior of your business premises and asked yourself “What does this building say about my business?”

Could altering the layout of your house or business premises help it work more efficiently?
Are you tired of walking miles to the kitchen? Could removing a wall and knocking through help your home or business premises work more efficiently? These can often be relatively simple problems to resolve and can make a huge difference to the way your family or staff use the space within your building. We could help you come up with cost effective ways to improve the way you use your valuable building space. Building space is valuable and costly, so why not contact us and we could help with a solution that is tailored to your buildings unique needs.

Could you save costs if you could cut the number of buildings you use or if you used the buildings space more efficiently?
Just because your home or business premises has always had the same building layout this does not mean it is the best. We have helped home owners and business owners extend or convert their buildings to get the best use of the buildings space. Could you sub divide your property and add a much welcomed income for renting out part of the building?

Are there grants available for your home or business premises?
There are many different grants available from many different sources some up to 80% for the building work; could you be missing out on some free financial assistance for your building refurbishment?

Check out Building Solutions Midlands for all your Property Refurbishment needs.

Property Development

With many years of experience working as and with developers though out the midlands, Building Solutions Midlands specialise in small mixed use conversions and the conversions of period properties. We are always interested in your projects and the end results you need to active. We can help you plan your project by supplying all the professionals you will need to complete the most important planning stage of your Property Development project.